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My Free Yoga Nidra Relaxation CD

If you would like my Yoga Nidra Relaxation CD click here to download it.

I made the CD and wrote the script and narrated it. It was originally recorded on a 
cassette tape recorder and then I later converted it to a MP3 CD.

It's a long playing CD. It runs for 42 minutes. It's 19.3 Mb. If you are on dial up , give it  
plenty of time to download. I find it good because it's long enough to give you time to  
completely relax. I highly recommend it. I have used it every day for the past 10 years and  
it gets better and better the more you listen to it.


Binaural Beats (Free Downloads)

 If you want to try something different then try Universal Noetic Meditation - This is a very powerful muse for Relaxation. It is specifically designed to reinforce and enhance PATHS Theater Presentations. Produced by AudioNoesis. MP3 - 26 minutes


 Cosmic Continuum will take  on an energizing journey through space and time. Experience the vastness of the cosmos and the excitement of adventure as you travel into the enigma that is your own internal universe. Produced by AudioNoesis. MP3 - 28 minutes

You can download them from Energetic Science Ministries

(always use headphones with these or they won't work properly. You can also listen to these 
right online by having heaphones plugged into your computer. Best with high speed access)

Only download these two MP3's. Ashlar Greenery made them. I only recommend these two.